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Owner - Out of the Gate Productions.
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October 24th 2012
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Greater Los Angeles Area
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Travel, Media, Philosophy, Screenwriting, Webcasting, Television, Surfing, Sports, Art and Technology.
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Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe CQ5, Adobe Presenter, After Effects, Illustrator, PhotoShop, AVID Media Composer, ProTools, Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Premiere.
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Recently founded Out of the Gate Productions aka OutGatePro. OGPro is a video production company focused on working with businesses and organizations to improve their web presence in today's new media market. Our most recent clients include behavioral consultants Spencer, Shenk, Capers and Associates organizations such as Red Bucket Equine Rescue

Past experience includes educating young media professionals on the latest software and applications for the broadcast industry in conjunction with Centro Net Productions and National Polytechnic College. I also work as a remote video conference consultant for Focus Vision. I have performed, advised, and trained on specialized areas of expertise such as in studio audio, field audio, cameras, lenses, studio lighting, field lighting, camera basics, studio talent, team production, commercial copywriting, general editing, dramatic editing, televised visuals, scripting for industry, fast graphics, magazine graphics, news journalism, hands-on camera, field camera production, producer training, directing & communicating, talent in news, studio talent, video distribution, compelling video, studio switching, and live editing. I incorporate the following knowledge of skills and experience, creating, producing, broadcasting, troubleshooting, and resolving production problems. I'm adept in all tape formats for both standard definition and high definition including file formats for the creation of viewing copies and transcoding deliveries. I operate broadcast automation and broadcast server encoding processes. I build append, pre-pend automation playlists for media encoding in on-air support, OAP, and post production mastering. I utilize routing switchers, machine control systems, and patch bays. I monitor NTSC broadcast signals with wave and vector-scopes. I instruct modular classes on television broadcast/webcast methods; while web-casting up to 2 shows weekly.
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