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FS: DaVinci Control Surface
by Fredrik Harreschou 5 years ago
Hi! We have a Davinci Control Surface for sale. As new. Shipping worldwide. Asking for 22K USD. PM for details. Cheers, Fredrik Oslo Post Company NORWAY
Re: FS: DaVinci Control Surface
by Laco Gaal 5 years ago
Hi, please send me an email to laszlog at thanks
ARRIRAW Questions
by Zak Ray 9 years ago
If anyone happens to know the -Bitrate -Color space (RGB ) -Supported audio channels -Compression algorithm (DCT Wavelet ) of ARRIRAW, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
Re: ARRIRAW Questions
by Fredrik Harreschou 9 years ago
The kind of techy answer I love! Hope you don t take my critical questions personal or as an attack. But it s important to technically go deeper than the sales brochure... ;) I have great respect and
Broadcast preview freezes in AE CS4 w Multibridge Eclipse
by Fredrik Harreschou 10 years ago
I am not able to get consistent preview on broadcast monitor with AE and Multibridge Eclipse. AE v 9.02, Win XP 32 bit and 7.4 drivers. The preview works everytime I start the app but freezes after a
Win 7 ETA?
by Fredrik Harreschou 10 years ago
I am making the jump to Win 7 64 bit, mainly because we are running Assmilate SCRATCH which will be 64 bit only with V5. I would like to use our Multibridge Eclipse and Media Express 2 to capture DPX
Re: Win 7 ETA?
by Fredrik Harreschou 10 years ago
Kristian, thank you. Really looking forward to EDL support! Best, Fredrik
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