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3 Camera Shoot
by Frederick Iannone 10 years ago
Hey All, I want to shoot a theatrical performance in real time with three cameras (master and 2 wing cameras) and will take the sound off the house board. I will cut this on FCP6 and use the 3 camera
Re: 3 Camera Shoot
by Frederick Iannone 10 years ago
thanks for your help.
Camera Cranes
by Doug Hodgson 13 years ago
Could anyone recommend a Crane Jib Arm package that would support a full sized D-30 Betacam Camera. I contacted Promax and they told me my camera was too heavy for theirs (Cobra Crane II). I've google
Re: Camera Cranes
by Frederick Iannone 13 years ago
If it's not overkill, and you have a bit of budget, would the Areocrane be overkill It can handle that much weight and more. I put a Panaflex Arricam with 4:1 zooms and 1000' mags. You'll need a decen
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