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I have been a video and television production producer/director/shooter/editor for 20 years. Relocated to the Denver area from Philadelphia 3 years.
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December 27th 2005
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Castle Rock, Colorado USA
6 tracks to 2 tracks
by Frank Bokoski, Jr. 10 years ago
Hi, I'm using Soundtrack Pro 2.02. Is there a way to convert one of the stock 6 track music beds down to a stereo (2 track) file Thanks
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Re: 6 tracks to 2 tracks
by Eric Gibboney 10 years ago
For anyone who cares here's a solution I got from Zwick over at 2-pop forums: Open in QT Pro and File Export sound to AIFF. Make sure Options Rate 48.000. Also, in the Options Channels I set it to Ste
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