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April 17th 2003
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Montreal, Canada
Franck Pierron DoP Demo
by Franck Pierron 4 years ago
Director dop cameraman AVID FCP PP editor for 15 years. Based in Montreal but always available for jobs anywhere on Earth. I work with XDCAM cameras, Alexa, C100 C300, 4k cameras (RED FS7),
Ntsc Pal Settings Problem
by Greta Mabral 4 years ago
Hallo, I just imported through log and transfer some footage shot on a canon 550D. The footage is Ntsc. After importing I noticed that Final Cut was still set to Pal on the AUdio Video Setting and Eas
Re: Ntsc Pal Settings Problem
by Franck Pierron 4 years ago
23.98 is neither NTSC or PAL, it's the "video equivalency" of the film framerate....and 23.98 should work in both systems. Director DoP video editor
Where are my P2?
by Franck Pierron 10 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm working on a 720 24P project, with P2 media, that i imported through the "import P2 clip to bin". I got all my clips in my rush bin, but when i shut down the computer (PC) and rest
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