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January 14th 2009
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Bucharest, Romania
Vertical Displays
by Jerry Hatfield 13 years ago
I have been approached by a client interested in having content shown on vertical displays. I have several ideas how this might be accomplished, however, I would like the definitive answer from someon
Re: Vertical Displays
by Florin Sev 11 years ago
Starting now, each timelapse clip in HDtimelapse.net Library have a downloadable Vertical HD Crop (1080x1920) which matches the coresponding Vertical HD timelapse and can be used for Digital Signage a
After Effects error: QuickTime export failed!
by Erling Fenstad 11 years ago
Hi! I have a problem with After Effects Cs4. I want to export my video as pictures. But when i go export-picture(or what it's called in english, I have it in norwegian who says "Bildesekvens") I get t
Re: After Effects error: QuickTime export failed!
by Jon Geddes 11 years ago
Do NOT Go to 'File Export Quicktime Movie'. It will result in error. You must go to 'Composition Add to Render Que' and set up a quicktime export from your render que.Jon Geddes Motion Graphics Design
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