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System.callSystem() in the background
by Florian Weber 3 months ago
I m having a render script that renders each layer in a Composition. I d like to add the functionality to optionally zip the rendered files. Ideally this would happen in the background and AE continue
Source Expression Code from Textfile
by Florian Weber 6 months ago
How can I source some code from an external textfile to reuse functions and variables Like source testfile.txt in bash. Thanks, Flo
Re: Source Expression Code from Textfile
by Tomas Bumbulevičius 6 months ago
Hey Florian, could you please clarify what specifically did you mean by saying 'in bash' As otherwise, i guess you just need to pass absolute path of file with functions variables to 'eval'. Find out
Passing arguments from the Mac Command Line to a JSX file
by Florian Weber 11 months ago
I am trying to pass some arguments from a bash script to an After Effects Script. I run the JSX using 'osascript' which works fine but I can t pass arguments. I am trying to avoid to write a temporary
Own Effect – UI questions
by Florian Weber 8 years ago
Hello, So far, I wrote a couple of scripts and I know the basics of Java Script but I'm totally new to developing effects (UI). What I need is basically a user interface to hold some parameters, which
Re: Own Effect – UI questions
by Florian Weber 8 years ago
I think it's still unclear what I want. I think it's much simpler. Here is an example. Let's ignore the report part for that. I got a lot of layers in one comp. Each layer has to be rendered separatel
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