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by Fire Eater 12 years ago
I have a template in InDesign CS3. When I open a new document based upon the template and try to flow a Word doc into the new document, the flow does not create new pages and keep flowing. It simply s
Re: Autoflow?
by Mike Gondek 12 years ago
With a text loaded cursor, want to hold down shift and you will notice your cursor changes to the autoflow icon. Be careful not to confuse this with holding down opt or alt which is semi autoflow, whi
by Fire Eater 13 years ago
PROBLEM: Extracting a person from a green background leaves green in her hair (and elsewhere). DETAILS: I photographed a woman against a green screen (movie-style extraction background). I foolishly t
by Fire Eater 13 years ago
Thanks, Mike! Two words: It worked. I'll shoot more against neutral from now on. Thanks again!
Text Header/Master Page
by Fire Eater 13 years ago
I'm designing a portfolio of my work. I've set up the file with single pages. Most of the pages have graphics of the work I've done. To introduce pages for pages with content from a specific client, h
Re: Text Header/Master Page
by Fire Eater 13 years ago
Dear Ekwoman, An elegant solution! It solves the problem of the detached text frame (which makes for inconsistency if it should move). Your description was great also, so I should have little trouble
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