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Jeffrey LeJune
Re: Animating 3d Text Overlap
by Rex Polanis 5 years ago
I've done that too, with the same result. I'll upload some screen shots of my settings tomorrow when I get back to the office. I'm sure I'm missing something. One man with courage makes a majority. Ca
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Re: Expression help needed
by Jon Smith 10 years ago
I now have a new problem. What If I don't want C to equal the distance betweem A and B. I want to be able to move C around but keep it at the correct angle
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Re: washed out colours - please help me!
by Mike Park 10 years ago
For whatever reason, h.264 compression out of AFX seems to have that problem. There is somewhat of a fix, however. If you open your 264 clip in quicktime and go to the tab "window" and click "show mov
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