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Odd auto-scrolling of timeline
by Paul Bryant 5 years ago
Hi all, I've searched the forum but can't find a thread about this... I'm experiencing a strange feature bug that's pretty irritating. A few minutes after I start Premiere, the timeline will start scr
Christian Hart liked this 4 years ago
Re: Odd auto-scrolling of timeline
by Falk Wieland 2 weeks ago
in 2020 with Adobe V14.0.1(Build71) its still alive. and tommy s trick works for me. thx
D7 with external recorder for better 60fps
by Falk Wieland 3 months ago
although this might seem like a letter from the past, i have to take the chance. There might be a 7D filmer to enlighten me somewhere... I m going to shoot with a EOS 7D as far as i understand this ca
Re: D7 with external recorder for better 60fps
by Michael Whitlock 2 months ago
External recorders do usually improve the compression rate, but they cannot change frame rate resolution. You won't be able to get the 60fps in 1080p. While an external recorder will probably be a lit
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