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Create Tear/Water drop
by Bernhard Walzl 1 month ago
Hello! I was just browsing through half the internet in search of tutorials without really finding what I am looking for. My footage is a close up of a cell phone and I want to create a tear drop whic
Re: Create Tear/Water drop
by Blaise Douros 1 month ago
...reshoot it, and drop a droplet of water on it This is the best solution. By far. Shoot a droplet of water falling onto a greenscreen, and do your best to key out all but the highlights shadows crea
Evan Friesen liked this 1 month ago
Open AE 2019 project in CC2018
by Evan Friesen 1 month ago
Hey guys, Been using Creative Cow for a long time for tech help, finally made an account today when, for the first time, i didn't find an existing thread on this topic. Long story short: I have After
Re: Open AE 2019 project in CC2018
by Dave LaRonde 1 month ago
Take the 2019 version to someone running 2019. Have them backsave it one version with the "Save As" command. All features exclusive to 2019 will be lost. AND..... Since you rent Adobe software, you ca
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