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Create Tear/Water drop
by Bernhard Walzl 6 months ago
Hello! I was just browsing through half the internet in search of tutorials without really finding what I am looking for. My footage is a close up of a cell phone and I want to create a tear drop whic
Re: Create Tear/Water drop
by Blaise Douros 6 months ago
...reshoot it, and drop a droplet of water on it This is the best solution. By far. Shoot a droplet of water falling onto a greenscreen, and do your best to key out all but the highlights shadows crea
Evan Friesen liked this 6 months ago
Open AE 2019 project in CC2018
by Evan Friesen 6 months ago
Hey guys, Been using Creative Cow for a long time for tech help, finally made an account today when, for the first time, i didn't find an existing thread on this topic. Long story short: I have After
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