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Cinema 4D shortcuts HELP!!!
by Jesper Hellvik Andersen 10 years ago
Heeelp! I'm new to C4D and I'm really having difficulties finding my way around project settings, preferences etc. Somehow I've disabled shortcuts for rotate, move, zoom around in my scene. I used the
Re: Cinema 4D shortcuts HELP!!!
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
Correction... It did work solve it for a little while. But then about a half hour later it stopped working again. I'm not going to restart my computer 16 times a day. Any suggestions Eric Woods http:
Add Alpha to Banji Shader
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
I have a texture exactly the way I want it by altering some Banji Shader attributes. But now I want to pass the camera through the object. As I pass it through there is a huge jump because the refract
Any ideas ... creating a shape with particles?
by Mint Fresh 10 years ago
Hi all, I need to create a little movie that basically looks like a flock of birds the fly in and land to form the outline of the UK. Does anyone have any ideas on how best to achieve this. I was wond
Re: Any ideas ... creating a shape with particles?
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
It depends on what program you are using to create particles. In Trapcode Particular you can set your emitter as a single point... an entire area like a cube or sphere... A light... a Grid... or for y
RGB to CMYK in AE?
by Micheel Leavitt 10 years ago
Hello, I am working on a class project and I made a few images in AE and exported as a JPEG and PSD frame. I am kind of disapointed in the conversion from RGB to CMYK from AE to AI, and I was wonderin
Re: RGB to CMYK in AE?
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
CMYK is strictly print (ink). Why not create your effect in AE with the Particles... Export a single frame or frame sequence... then convert that to CMYK Eric Woods http: EricWoodsFX.c
Heroes' Seeing Sound Effect
by Cindy Lin 10 years ago
In this year's new season of Heroes, there is a girl who can see sound. The sight of sound sends colorful wisps into the air and is beautiful. Does anyone know how to make that special effect or somet
Re: Heroes' Seeing Sound Effect
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
You can use many different programs to make it, but after effects will work just fine. It depends on what parts you are trying to create. Some of the scenes have the camera rotating around the charact
doing the colossus effect from x-men in after effects without green screen
by matt nexus 10 years ago
Hey wondering how to create the effect from x-men 2 and three where someones clothes and skin takes on a metallic texture like colossus. Problem is I don't have a green screen. So I'm assuming it is p
Re: doing the colossus effect from x-men in after effects without green screen
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
I don't think greenscreen is the big trick there. The Chrome effect was either a rubber suit or completely CG. Is the transition what you are trying to figure out or is it the effect itself EricWoodsF
Multi point parenting
by Noah Crocker 10 years ago
I have a triangle mask which I want to be linked parented to several objects I want one of the points to be linked to a null object (currently representing a motion tracker) and I want the other two p
Re: Multi point parenting
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
ahh... I think I understand what you are trying to say. Are you trying to get the points themselves to animated, thus changing the shape of the triangle If that is the case you should be using the pup
Motion Sensing
by Tyler Britton 10 years ago
Hey I have a question. Is there any way to reveal something in AE that is only moving, like seeing movement only and the still background is like masked out. Anyone get what I am trying to say
Re: Motion Sensing
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
This works, but only for limited applications. The problems come when a pixel that is part of the moving object is exactly the same as one on the still background. Then you will have a transparent pix
BURN! (text)
by Ryan Stone 10 years ago
Hello, Could anyone give me some tips, or point me in the direction of a good tutorial for the two following effects 1. I have a large amount of white text, or possibly an image of text, I'm not entir
Re: BURN! (text)
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
Trapcode Form does an excellent job of making this type of effect easy. Modifying this type of project would pull off the look you are going for: http: movies EricWoo
Pursuing Motion Graphics as a Career
by Emily Scollon 10 years ago
I currently work as a mostly digital artist. I color storyboards, and have an illustration background. I started with Cinema 4d and recently started with After Effects, and love it. I think it is wher
Re: Pursuing Motion Graphics as a Career
by Eric Woods 10 years ago
Emily, I would agree that going the route of a Masters Degree would not benefit you. School's are a great way to learn broad Design concepts and techniques, but they lack real world application. Your
looping cloth
by Phil Biggs 12 years ago
Hi there, we've recently invested in C4D are very impressed with it's intuitive workflow. We have a large project coming up producing several hundred flag animations which have to loop seamlessly. We
Re: looping cloth
by Eric Woods 11 years ago
I answered my own question. I don't know how to get the offset cache option to appear, however there is a work around. After you duplicate the object go to the Duplicate and turn off Cache Mode. Go to
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