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Quicktime 5.1 Surround question
by Dan Williams 8 years ago
Hi I've been asked to deliver a project as a Quicktime movie with 8 channels of audio - 5.1 with channels 7 & 8 as a stereo pair - embedded and labelled in the file. I'm having no problems creating a
Re: Quicktime 5.1 Surround question
by Eric Robel 4 years ago
Hi- was wondering if you ever figured out the final workflow for this I used FCP 7 to export the movie with all appropriate audio files in correct order. This being the first six tracks for the 5.1 mi
Advice on bulk archiving in SD, with intention of using some for HD project
by Eric Robel 7 years ago
Hi- I was wondering if someone might have a little advice for a rather large project I am embarking on. I am producing a documentary called "The Color of Noise", about many bands on a record label. I
Kona 2 - DVCPRO 720 capture settings in Final Cut
by Eric Robel 8 years ago
Hello all- Been searching through the forums to find info on this topic and found a couple of answers, however not sure of them all. I was wondering if anyone would give me some advice on this issue:
Re: Kona 2 - DVCPRO 720 capture settings in Final Cut
by Chad Tingle 8 years ago
I stand corrected Gary!! thanks for the info. Chad Tingle Producer Editor
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