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XDCAM EX Quicktime Movies Not Viewable on PCs??
by Chris Parkhurst 11 years ago
I have been working with XDCAM EX footage in FCP 6.0.4. Everything looks great... until I go to output. Actually, it still looks great for me, but when any of my clients are viewing any of these Quick
Re: codec sony xdcam para quictime
by Emilio Hernandez 7 years ago
I am using Avid MC 6.5 and could link with AMA the .mov with the XDCAM codec from files that came from FCP. So if you are using Avid download the AMA plugin for XDCAM from the Avid site and there you
New macpro's
by Margus Voll 9 years ago
Hi. When we will see working configurations on new 12 core mac pro models Or maybe there is already tests made -- Margus http: iconstudios.eu
Re: New macpro's
by Emilio Hernandez 9 years ago
What is this $1,500 Is the Linux Software version only Creating something that does not exist to exist.
Delivery is slipping for mac resolve
by Nick Hasson 9 years ago
Heard today from Blackmagic that the OSX software has slipped into an august delivery. :( Nick Hasson Smoke Color www.niceedits.com
Re: Delivery is slipping for mac resolve
by Emilio Hernandez 9 years ago
Well, I've been watching Siggraph videos. Interesting specially the VFX TV interview with the Nvidia guys. I think they are all betting for the wrong platform. MAC. While you can build a rock solid PC
Ultrascope RGB/YUV parade seems to be wrong
by Robert Mack 9 years ago
Hi, I came across this when playing out animation footage with very saturated colors that also have high transients (e.g. sharp vertical lines): the RGB parade display of the Ultrascope shows overshoo
Re: Ultrascope RGB/YUV parade seems to be wrong
by Emilio Hernandez 9 years ago
Funny I will also try it. Right now I had no problem at all. At first when we just installed the Ultrascope, I compared it side by side with our Tektronix and the Ultrascope showed the same levels wit
UltraScope Turnkey Systems
by Dave Gorrie 9 years ago
Hey All, So I'm still mulling over ultrascopes for some new edit suites - I wanted to see if anyone had purchased the turnkey system offered by BH They have it listed with a Core i3 proc and with wind
Re: UltraScope Turnkey Systems
by Emilio Hernandez 9 years ago
I built the PC with the hardware specs from BMD... plug in the Ultrascope, started the machine and voil no problem. The two main things that I took a closer look was the mainboard specs and the graphi
JVC DT V24G1Z for colorgrading
by Emilio Hernandez 9 years ago
Hi, I know this is a recurent question, but I want to know if someone is using the JVC DT V24G1Z for color grading. I am planning to buy one to do color grading with a Kona LHi, using Scratch 5.1 Our
JVC DT-v24g1z
by Emilio Hernandez 9 years ago
Hello, I have been reading the forum a lot about this subject. And probably I am coming againg with a question that has been buzzing a lot. I will appreciate any help on this matter. I am planning to
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