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Mask in pre-comp lagging behind in timeline
by Melissa Loyola 10 years ago
Hi there, For the past few days I have been having a problem with one of my masks. I have this nested comp that has a roto'd hand, and I have been doing a bit of time remapping to the hand, the proble
Re: Mask in pre-comp lagging behind in timeline
by Emile Hiemstra 7 years ago
Same problem here, my question back to Dave: I've done exactly as you say in your comment, yet before even reading it! For me this doesn't work well - I even think it's the problem that's been asked a
4x3 is being cropped
by Paul Rozon 10 years ago
I am working with After Effects on CS4. Pulling my hair out. I have an AE project which I rendered out 3 comps. All are dv.09 4x3 and all looks good. exported as quick time DV being sure to flag it as
Re: 4x3 is being cropped
by Emile Hiemstra 10 years ago
Hi Paul, I'm sorry, last time I read in was a quick visit and I realize I missed your point. I've never realized anything 3D in AE but in comparison with other graphical apps, could there be a problem
Black bars on each side after importing Pal m2v's into Pal timeline
by Emile Hiemstra 10 years ago
Hello, I wonder if anyone knows why I get black bars on each side of the monitor window when I playback M2v Pal 4:3 footage (created in AME). I also tried to take the files to DVD studio pro, with the
Fastest configuration?
by Robin Plomp 11 years ago
Hi there, We're used to the (compositing) speed of our Media100 844 X system. Now we want to move to HD. Did some tests on FCP on our MacPro, but with disappointing speed results. Any suggestions Kind
Re: Fastest configuration?
by Emile Hiemstra 11 years ago
Fun to read all this, hi Robin, no real answer to our question is there... or did i miss something What's the bottleneck or let's say the difference between 2 computers, one having to deal with 4 laye
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