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Getting child voice
by Eman Gad 7 years ago
Hi all; I have a teacher recorded sound and I need a child voice to repeat what the teacher is saying exactly. I've used raise pitch filter on the teacher sound files to get child voice, But the resul
Re: Getting child voice
by Stoph Stoph 6 years ago
Apparently none of the responders have heard of South Park. Roll off as much bass as you can and pitch up 3.5 semitones. If you try and speak with less bass in your voice (use your head voice without
by Eman Gad 9 years ago
HI EVERY ONE I have designed a website and my screen was adjusted for 600*800 when I change the resolution of the screen to have a look on it for other resolution it wasn't good. and now I want to mak
Re: resolution
by Mike Smith 9 years ago
I think Scott was trying to help you see how your site would look at various resolutions, and the second link is his portfolio site. You have opened a major web design issue, to which there is no easy
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sub menus directions
by Eman Gad 10 years ago
Hello to all I've just created a web site It contains a vertical spry menu bar. The web site used a right to left language and the vertical sub menu bar generate its sub menus at right and this is not
Re: sub menus directions
by Richard Williams 10 years ago
THe position of the submenus are controlled by the ul.MenuBarVertical ul margin: -5% 0 0 95%; If you change this to margin: -5% 0 0 -95%; the menu should appear to the left instead of to the right Ric
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