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Mysterious Audio Playing
by Elizabeth Cooz 8 months ago
I am working with a muticam clip in my timeline and have added an intro with music playing before the dialogue begins. In the intro I can hear the beginning of dialogue even though the multicam clip d
Re: Mysterious Audio Playing
by Joby Anthony Jr 8 months ago
If you've got a transition effect between the intro and multicam, it may have extended the multicam to make the transition. Double-click the audio on the multicam to expand it and look to see if there
Opening Archived Project
by Elizabeth Cooz 10 months ago
If I have archived a project with all of the files and motion content stored in the library should I be able to open it and see all of my media If opening it from an external drive is there anything I
Re: Opening Archived Project
by Jeff Kirkland 10 months ago
The answer is that usually you re ok and there shouldn t be any re-linking but in reality, you need to test the archive as soon as it s created because, in my experience at least, FCPX is very good at
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