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ProRes to XDCAM422
by Elia Navarro 3 years ago
Hi everybody I have a beginner question.... I need to deliver a XDCAM HD422 mxf file to a TV channel. As I do not really know how the transcoding from ProRes works here, I wanted to ask if somebody ha
Re: ProRes to XDCAM422
by Bouke Vahl 3 years ago
How about you test for yourself and trust your eyes Bouke www.videotoolshed.com
Media Encoder problem relocating source
by Elia Navarro 4 years ago
Hi there! I'm having some problems with media encoder, let's see if someone could help :) While queuing clips with Premiere, the source in the hard disk was disconnected and Premiere automatically cre
Invisible buttons/interactive menus
by Elia Navarro 6 years ago
Hi everybody! I'm new on this forum, first of all, thanks for all your work! I'm writing you because I have a doubt about DVD Authoring, which I couldn't find on the forums. I'm working with DVD Archi
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