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March 4th 2017
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Complicated Table Chart
by Elia Kremennoi 2 months ago
Hello all. Got an interesting task and can't figure out how to make it work in AE. What i can't understand is how to achieve this: When green line moves up or down it has to become red and leave the s
Re: Complicated Table Chart
by Graham Quince 2 months ago
So you ve done all the hard work. All you need to do now is use a duplicate of your green line layer as a track matte for another layer. I d be tempted to create a pre-comp with the red and black area
Applying z depth to a 2d tracked data.
by Elia Kremennoi 3 years ago
Hello. I have got a footage with 6 objects which differ in Z. It's a hand-held shot from one point, the camera doesn't move much. I've tracked objects in mocha and created a null for each. Now, if i m
Re: Applying z depth to a 2d tracked data.
by Michael Szalapski 3 years ago
How do you plan to make these lines with depth of field If the objects don't change position in z space, but just move in x and y, why not just make your blur on the lines and fake it - The Great Szal
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