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Eddie is a full time Voice Actor/Artist and Musician working from his studio.

His voice signature has been described as a Friendly, Young Dick Cavett who bodysurfs.

Voiceover for trailers, TV Series, TV/radio spots, sizzle reels, web, corpora... [more]
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January 8th 2009
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David Roth Weiss
TV, Radio, Film, Web/Post Audio & Voice Over
by Eddie Eagle 7 years ago
Audio media post services for TV, radio, web, marketing, and all audio media.Audio Editing.Full music and sound efx libraries.Custom music, sound scape, and efx compositions creations.Voice Over and N
Voice Talent & Post Audio Editor
by Eddie Eagle 8 years ago
I'm a full time voice actor working from my studio in the Portland, OR metro. I use Adobe Audition 3.0 & Sound Forge Audio Studio 9 to record and edit. Other equipment: Custom 3.2ghz DAW, Lexicon 24bi
voiceover industry - questions
by Hunter Hempen 10 years ago
Not sure if this is the right place to ask questions about this - if not just direct me to the proper forum section. Thanks. But anywhooo, I am currently a college freshman with a voice talent recogni
Re: voiceover industry - questions
by Eddie Eagle 10 years ago
Hunter, Get your acting chops in shape first. Performance is the key here. All the rest is just perfunctory. If you are a good actor or improviser use those talents to further yourself. You only get h
Voice Actor/Artist for Movies, TV, Radio, Web, Media
by Eddie Eagle 11 years ago
Visit Eddie Eagle Entertainment for demos, portfolio and 411. Contact me for a free mp3 audition for your script.
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