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AE CS5 Cast Shadow Transparency
by James Mehorter 7 years ago
Hi Everyone, I'm creating a series of motion graphics to overlay on a video I'm building in Premiere CS5. For all my AE comps so far, I just save the .aep file, and import it into Premiere. This lets
Re: AE CS5 Cast Shadow Transparency
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu 7 years ago
Quick work around: Set the layer on which the shadow are cast (the background floor) to be a solid color that you can then key out. Make the size big enough to fill the frame at all times. Make sure t
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Illustrator Text Stroke - behind?
by Blair Adams 11 years ago
Is there any way to make the stroke appear behind the text (like in AE) without converting your text to outlines This is driving me crazy! TIA Blair Adams
Re: Illustrator Text Stroke - behind?
by Ed Lazor 6 years ago
Hidden in Window Appearance upper right hand drop down menu of the Appearance window. Here is a decent explanation: http: www.3232design.com blog.cfm id=60
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