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Re: color shift when importing Illustrator to After Effects
by Jason Soquet 5 years ago
My problem was that the .eps when imported into After Effects they looked darker. I found that if I save the file from Illustrator to make sure that Include CMYK PostScript in RGB Files is unchecked.
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Re: Recommendations for Intermediate File Format/Codec for Adobe (PC)
by greg janza 2 years ago
A second for DNxHR. If you're on Windows 10 there's no need for quicktime at all. I Hate Television. I Hate It As Much As Peanuts. But I Can t Stop Eating Peanuts. - Orson Welles
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Re: Optimal Intermediate Codec/Wrapper for Best YouTube/Vimeo upload and playback?
by Craig Seeman 3 years ago
Have you read YouTube's recommendations
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Re: Slow Data Scan
by Alan Lorence 7 years ago
Increase "f-life". The free emitters that are creating those particles are dying too early. Alan. .................... Alan Lorence Product Manager GenArts, Inc. www.genarts.com www.wondertouch.com
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Re: Animating Bar Charts
by Paul Roper 8 years ago
You could un-parent the text box from the bar, but link its position to the scale of the bar like this (adjust the *3 to alter the distance the text box travels to match the bar's scale). Paste this e
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