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Ed McCarthy
TrackX unsatisfied results
by Furokai Wolkenstein 2 days ago
Hey all, I've just bought that bundle SliceX & TrackX and was playing a little bit around for a few hours yet. As the tracking results in TrackX - Track Flare are awesome I don't understand why the ge
Re: TrackX unsatisfied results
by Eberhard Ammelt 2 days ago
Hello, both plugins use the same tracker but with different default settings. The flare plugins use the tracking model "Translate, Scale, Rotate" by default, while TrackX plugins use "Perspective". Th
Track & Load Update problem
by Mastermedia Videotutoriales 4 days ago
Hi, I have OS 10.10.3, FCP X 10.2.1 and Lock & Load 1.2.6 (96). I am trying to update Lock & Load to the last version 2.0, so I have downloaded and installed and with no errors, but everytime I open F
Re: Track & Load Update problem
by Eberhard Ammelt 4 days ago
Hello, 1.2.6 is the latest version of Lock & Load. Version "2.0" refers to the installer, sorry for the confusion. Regards, Eberhard
Stabilze or Track deinterlaced footage
by Anna Possberg 1 week ago
I am working with a progressive project in FCPX 10.1.4 using also interlaced footage. If I click deinterlace clip in the Inspector I notice that CoreMelt LockandLoad is not functioning anymore - meani
Re: Stabilze or Track deinterlaced footage
by Eberhard Ammelt 1 week ago
Hello, Lock & Load does not work with FCP X's deinterlace feature. I suggest to export your deinterlaced video as progressive and then import this video and stabilize then - or vice versa. Regards, Eb
TrackX dropping frames
by Mastermedia Videotutoriales 1 week ago
Hi, I have a footage with a wall and a TV with black screen on it. And I want to put a video on it. The TV tracking process has been ok, but after that when I have inserted the v deo on the TV, then t
Re: TrackX dropping frames
by Eberhard Ammelt 1 week ago
Version 2.9.1 is quite outdated when working with FCP X 10.2.x. Please download and install the latest version and try again. Eberhard
Motion Tracking Error.
by Caleb VanBuskirk 1 week ago
Stabilizer error. Final Cut Pro X 10.2.1 "Please transcode to ProRes" - as you can see, the clip info right next to the error window shows that my files are ProRes 422. Any help Thanks.
Re: Motion Tracking Error.
by Eberhard Ammelt 1 week ago
Ok, then it's probably rather a problem with your installed video codecs. Please download and install the Pro Video Formats from here: https: kb DL1396 viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
The track is getting too long!
by Joachim Theussl 2 weeks ago
Hello, i tried to Track and LockDown a video from an lecture session. but trackx come with this error message: The track is getting too long, please cut the clip at this time and continue on the next
Re: The track is getting too long!
by Eberhard Ammelt 2 weeks ago
Hello, the problem is that a TrackX instance can only store tracking data up to a certain number of samples. If you cut an effect instance, both parts keep all track samples. That's why you run into t
Error Message When Trying to Track My Footage
by Chris Messineo 2 weeks ago
I'm getting the following error when I try to use the Simple Tracker with my footage. Video decompression failed with error: (-12350). Please try to transcode this video to ProRes and try again. The f
Re: Error Message When Trying to Track My Footage
by Eberhard Ammelt 2 weeks ago
I've sent you an email. Eberhard

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