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Re: LUTs not applied in a sequence export ?
by Blaise Douros 3 years ago
If it's a Technical LUT applied in the top of Lumetri Color, then you need to copy the LUT into Adobe Media Encoder's LUT library, as well. https: forums.adobe.com thread 2178493
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Re: How to Import video only, no audio.
by Jon Doughtie 3 years ago
Alternatively, select ALL clips you do not want audio for in the bins. Right-Click and select "Modify-- Audio Channels" Change the "number of audio tracks" to zero. Save that setting with a name of yo
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Re: How long to export 5 min of HD footage?
by Bret Williams 4 years ago
Are you exporting 2pass The i7 and its h264 acceleration is much faster than the Xeon when you're using single pass h264 encoding which is just fine in most cases. It should export faster than real ti
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