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Embed ISRC Code?
by Tim Garrad 4 years ago
Hi all, I need to embed an ISRC code into a music video I'm editing in order to track plays for royalties. I'm using Premiere Pro CC (most up to date version) and can't find where to add the code. The
Re: Embed ISRC Code?
by Drew Hall 2 years ago
Not trying to dig up the dead - but there's just nothing out there about ISRC and video. So after doing tons of research I put this together. https: www.youtube.com watch v=5L8RQXUtJ-0
Avid AAF Export
by Drew Hall 5 years ago
I'm new to Avid so I apologize if I don't know the correct terminology. We're having a heckuva time getting an AAF to export properly. We transcoded footage in Davinci and imported into Avid MC 7.0. C
Re: Avid AAF Export
by Drew Hall 5 years ago
We finally tried an AAF where we did not have link to media. We basically consolidated the MXF's then flipped them to R3D in Davinci. That seemed to do it - though this is the first time I've had the
Avid AAF import error
by Drew Hall 5 years ago
I am attempting to import an AAF from Avid MC 7.0 into Resolve 11. When I am able to get it work Davinci adds 18 video tracks - the avid timeline shows 3. Additionally it also cuts off the remaining p
Re: Avid AAF import error
by Eric Johnson 5 years ago
My first reaction is: what's happening at 6:21 in your timeline eric b johnson online editor colorist workflow http: vimeo.com ebjohnson colorreel
23.98 to True24 for DCP
by Drew Hall 6 years ago
I am working on getting our reels out of Premiere and converted to True24 for a DCP. Summary of attempts thus far... Source content is 4k Scarlet at 23.98FPS - send to Davinci for grade - output is 42
Re: 23.98 to True24 for DCP
by Drew Hall 6 years ago
Thank you kindly sir. Wilco.
Merged Clips
by Garnet Campbell 7 years ago
I'm editing a narrative film which I am syncing audio that was recorded separately. The sound files were multitrack wav files that contained 3 channels , two wireless and one boom. I first synced the
Re: Merged Clips
by Drew Hall 6 years ago
I'm in your same boat sort of. I need the original source file names (adobe calls them component clips) for export to Pro Tools for audio mix. I have one work around - which is to right click on each
Prevent audio name change in Merged Clip?
by Drew Hall 6 years ago
We are using merged clips for our double sound system in post. The issue we are having is for the audio editors who use pro tools. I know we can export OMF files - but the audio has been renamed to ma
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