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New System Questions
by Doug Lewis 8 years ago
I am replacing my old Windows XP Vegas 5 system with a new computer. Some details of the new system: Intel Core i7 2600 3.40 GHz 6MB PCI-E4 ASUS DDR3-1024MB DVI-HDMI Windows 7 Pro 2-Seagate 1TB HDD-SA
Re: New System Questions
by Stephen Mann 8 years ago
Unless you are working with uncompressed HD (which most of us can't afford), you do not need RAID. The Seagate drives you mention are what I use all the time in a desktop USB docking station. Any non-
Is now the time to change?
by Doug Lewis 8 years ago
I have been working with Vegas 5 for quite a few years. Lost 2 computers to a lightning strike a couple of days ago. Looking to replace with new computers. My question is, am I going to be lost with V
Re: Is now the time to change?
by Doug Lewis 8 years ago
Don't get me wrong I love Vegas. My business has moved more to photography the last few years and I am doing less event video. Would I be better off with Vegas Movie Studio Suite
Canon 5D Mark 2
by Doug Lewis 10 years ago
Anyone on here using the Canon 5D Mark 2 to produce your videos I currently have a Canon GL1, a Canon GL2, and a Sony VX2100 for video. I also have a Canon D30 and a Canon 40D for still photography. J
Re: Canon 5D Mark 2
by Sam rosenthal 10 years ago
Larry. I have been editing 5DM2 files in Vegas 9. It seems to be working. There is considerable bog-down, when I start adding effects (like color correction) to the tracks. Not sure if I should render
Title help
by Doug Lewis 11 years ago
I am using Vegas 5. I need to know if it is possible to duplicate a title like the one in this video: http: 854151 At about 40 seconds into the video you can see the lettering move through t
Re: Title help
by Theo van Laar 11 years ago
And if you didn't install Boris Graffitti LTD, you can still download it (free): http: download link id=2946.1 Theo
wedding video questions
by Doug Lewis 11 years ago
I posted this on Vegas Forum and thought I would post here, also. I need some opinions of event videograpers. I have been doing wedding videos for close to 20 years. My son is going to get married in
Re: wedding video questions
by Doug Lewis 11 years ago
I'm definitely going to pay them the same as always. All 3 of them are friends of the family and are invited to the wedding, but I will still be paying them. They are working so why not pay.
OT: Sony Cinescore
by Doug Lewis 11 years ago
Any Vegas users using Sony Cinescore software What are your thoughts.
Re: OT: Sony Cinescore
by Doug Lewis 11 years ago
Sorry. I realized after I did the above post that I had searched "cinescore" in the wrong forum. I did a search here in Vegas forum and have read the results. Thanks anyway.
OT: Damaged VHS tape
by Doug Lewis 11 years ago
I have been given an old VHS tape that has video of the women's grandson on it when he was 1 year old (he is now 22). Anyway the tape was eaten by their player and the tape is actually torn into 2 pie
Re: OT: Damaged VHS tape
by Doug Lewis 11 years ago
I found a pro who could do it for $15. I'll play it once more to capture to Vegas and make a DVD. Thanks for the advice.
DVD to wmv
by Doug Lewis 12 years ago
I have a DVD that I want to post on my website for others to see. No copyright involved. Is there a way to convert from the DVD format into something like Windows Media Video I have Vegas 5 and DVDA.
Recording devices
by Ralph Hajik 12 years ago
Hi, Right now I'm using a Sony walkman MD recorder for recording at wedding ceremonies. I need to get another recording device. What's the latest popular recording devices everyone is using when recor
Re: Recording devices
by Doug Lewis 12 years ago
I'm using i-river recorders. So far I have been very pleased with the results.
Very lengthy post
by olivestreetprods 13 years ago
Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I
Re: Very lengthy post
by Doug Lewis 13 years ago
I've read a lot about renting. Can anyone give some advice about who to rent from. I am in Dayton, Ohio and know of nobody close to here to rent from Who do I call and what is the proceedure
Outdoor weddings
by Doug Lewis 13 years ago
How do all of you handle outdoor weddings Do you add a special disclaimer onto the wedding contract Do you take time to discuss, with the bride and groom, the possible problems with rain, lighting, wi
Re: Outdoor weddings
by Daniel Serrano 13 years ago
I just tell them that weather is not controlled by me but by nature.... so I do my best to get good audio and good shoots...Hello from Mexico....
Burner question
by Doug Lewis 13 years ago
I read often about updating the DVD burner "firmware". Can someone explain the process I have 2 computers, one with a Sony DW-U18A drive and the other with a Lite-On SOHW-1633S.
Re: Burner question
by Bill Stephan 13 years ago
Doug, I've personally updated the firmware only in Pioneer burners, but the process should be similar in other manufacturers' drives. First you download the correct file for your drive from the manufa
Maint advice
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
I own a GL1 and a GL2. Does anyone know of a good place, in the Dayton Cincinnati, Ohio area to take these cameras for maintenance and professional cleaning of the heads
Wide Angle Advice
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
I currently own 3 cameras, a Canon GL1, a Canon GL2, and a Sony VX2100. What wide angle lens would everyone recommend Should I use Canon's WD-58H or Sony's wide lens How about a Kenko KRW-065 Pro DX A
Re: Wide Angle Advice
by Don Greening 14 years ago
I only have experience using the Sony wide angle adapter, part #VCL-HG0758. I use it on the PD170 all the time but I also use it on the GL2 because it's the same filter thread size. Overall, I can say
Wedding Demo
by Ralph Hajik 14 years ago
Hello Wedding Videography Experts, I'm putting together a wedding demo. Do you recommend that I use the original sound (music & voices) from the weddings (short clips) or should I mute the sound and u
Re: Wedding Demo
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
I am currently working on my new demo and will be leaving original sound and voices on the DVD. This allows the prospective bride and groom to evaluate your audio quality, as well as your video qualit
Advice on Websites
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
I'm looking into getting a website for my video photo business. What kind of advice can everyone give me Is it better to deal with a local company for design or to use companies out on the Internet Be
Re: Advice on Websites
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
Mike, Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't thank you sooner, but have been away from this forum for a while. I'll get some questions together and send an email. Thanks again.
captured clip from GL1 not 720w
by Ruby Gold 14 years ago
I shot some footage with a GL1 and when I captured it into PPro 1.5, there are two little strips of black running along either side of the image--in other words it doesn't seem to be 720 pixels wide.
Re: captured clip from GL1 not 720w
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
My GL1 does the same thing. It's just the way a GL1 is. Don't know the technical aspects of it but it is how the GL1 does things. Good thing about it is it does not show up on a TV. Haven't noticed if
16:9 question
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
If I shoot video with my GL1 or GL2 in the 16:9 setting instead of 4:3, how is the quality of the video effected Will it appear less sharp, more grainy, more pixilated, or will it have no effect on qu
Re: 16:9 question
by Don Greening 14 years ago
This thread may help answer some of your questions: http: cgi-bin new_read_post.cgi univpostid=854758&forumid=59&postid=854758&pview=t You GL2 will be better than the GL1 in wid
Can you earn a decent wage by only doing photo/video montages?
by JD 14 years ago
Can you earn a decent wage by only doing photo video montages Hi , This has been a great forum for me as I am at the hobby level of video editing and I am considering trying the video thin gon the sid
Re: Can you earn a decent wage by only doing photo/video montages?
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
Interesting how "Fodeo" handles music. This is from their FAQ section: "Can I add music to my project Of course! We can add any song you like as long as you own the music. You can either bring it into
Best DVD
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
I have purchased a 75 pack of Maxell DVD-Rs at Sam's. After using DVD Identifier I have found out that the manufacturer of this batch is CMC Magnetics Corp. Anybody have any experience with these I ha
Re: Best DVD
by Aanarav Sareen 14 years ago
Doug, Unfortunately, CMC discs are on the lower end of the scale. You can purchase Taiyo Yuden from or from That being said, if you still want to purchase Maxells, make s
HP Lightscribe
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
Anyone tried this burner from HP yet What are your thoughts. Can the label be in color Just curious.
Re: HP Lightscribe
by Alex Alexzander 14 years ago
I own one, and I think it is great. The Double Layer LightScribes only do 2.4x while most these days do 4x. Some are said be on the way that will do 6x. 2.4x vs 4x for double layer isn't really much o
Firmware question
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
I read a lot about keeping the DVD burner firmware up to date, for best results. My question is, how do you do this I am running 2 different computers, both with Windows XP Pro. 1 system has a Sony bu
Re: Firmware question
by Roadkill 14 years ago
Check the websites of Sony and Lite-On for available updates for the specific models you are using. There will be information, either on the site itself or in the download, how to perform the update.
Wedding Backgrounds
by Jay Villa 14 years ago
I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this on or not, but does anyone know where I can find a good resource for wedding backgrounds for DVD Box Covers and Labels
Re: Wedding Backgrounds
by Doug Lewis 14 years ago
Just a suggestion. I take still shots of the bride's flowers, the church, the lace on the back of the bride's dress, the bride & groom, etc. I size these in Photoshop and use them for box cover backgr
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