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Re: DaVinci Resolve - Vegas workflow
by Philippe Orlando 2 years ago
Is it worth it Let me explain to you. I've been with Vegas since version 7. I'm currently using version 12 pro. I've learned Resolve, currently using the 14 beta version, it's simply amazing. I hate t
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Re: Reinstalling Magix Vegas Pro 13 on another Pc?
by Eric Dettman 3 years ago
The current Sony EULA stipulates the license is for one user, it can be installed on 2 PCs for the same user, and cannot be used on 2 or more PCs at a time. http: corporat
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Re: Have moving grafics that are studdering after render?
by Wayne Waag 4 years ago
Don, You have given zero information that would enable anyone to help you, other than your moving text is not smoothly. That could be caused by a host of reasons. At a minimum, you need to provide pro
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lost Raid question
by Don Cobble 8 years ago
I have a dual boot system. 1 - Win 7 Pro 2 - Vista Ultimate I had to boot into vista for and old software and when I rebooted back into Win 7 MY Vegas Project Raid drive says disk missing. PC I7 2.8 G
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