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Mark>GoTo questions
by Dom DeFino 1 year ago
When I hit Mark GoTo Beginning and Mark GoTo End, there is an up arrow with a line over it and a down arrow with a line under it. Does anyone know what keystrokes these symbols correspond to Thanks
Re: Mark>GoTo questions
by Jared Ewing 1 year ago
And, if you don't have the extended keyboard, use the Function (fn) key with the left or right arrows to get the Home and End keys. Home: https: p BeGtlEfDwa_ End: https: www.instagr
Clip navigation
by Dom DeFino 1 year ago
Quick question: I thought using the ; and ' keys would move the player head to the beginning and end of a clip, respectively. But when I use them, it also resets the In and Out points of the clip (i.e
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