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Media Encoder dropping LUTs on export
by Jack Savage 3 years ago
I have a 4K timeline using the S-Log 3 LUT and some other minor color corrections, and when I send it over to Media Encoder the LUT is being dropped and the final video looks just like it did coming s
Re: Media Encoder dropping LUTs on export
by Desmond Sukotjo 2 years ago
Hi. Are you able to select your own LUT in Adobe Media Encoder setting under Effect tab When I do that (just like your screenshot on your post), I choose select, nothing happen.
Cineform replacement for Premiere Pro CC 2015
by Desmond Sukotjo 5 years ago
Back in the past there were cineform. I used this and loved it. In fact I never edited without cineform in Premiere Pro CS6. Nowadays, cineform for Premiere Pro 2015 has been discontinued. I wonder if
blu-ray TOP MENU in Adobe Encore CS5
by Desmond Sukotjo 8 years ago
Hello. I am authoring a blu-ray project in Encore CS5. And I was wondering where is the top menu button in encore CS5 Because after I output my blu-ray, and test it, I can't go back to the main menu o
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