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Video editor, av production & post, motion graphics, director, producer, artist, DJ, master mischief maker at Absurdity.Biz
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May 29th 2014
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San Francisco Bay Area
RMS Normalization of audio in Premiere without an Audition roundtrip?
by Derek Sajbel 5 years ago
Does anyone know of a free normalize plugin that will do RMS normalize in Premiere Pro The built in normalize function doesn't have RMS and the roundtrip to Audition isn't worth the work time for the
Premier pro cc export issues
by Michael Lavis 5 years ago
Hi I am experiencing a problem since moving over to premier pro cc from FCP. The problem I'm having is that when i have finished my edit and export my sequence and watch the film back I am seeing glit
Re: Premier pro cc export issues
by Derek Sajbel 5 years ago
Had a similar issue on a gig yesterday, compressing prores 422 (LT) sources to h.264 we would get pink glitches and video skips on the exports. Our solution ended up being an old school solution. In a
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