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Filmmaker, Editor, Producer, Shooter, Blu-ray author, Video Game Addict, Sports nut, Music Critic and Batman nerd. I'm the most gangsta geek you know.
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August 2nd 2012
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San Francisco, Ca
Yosemite bugs?
by Ben Lithman 5 years ago
I'd like to update to Yosemite, but just wanted to ask if anyone has come across any FCPX related bugs This could include plugins etc. Or generally any video related bugs that might make me think twic
Re: Yosemite bugs?
by Derek Dockendorf 5 years ago
Has anyone updated and had any issues with eSata cards or RAIDs I upgraded my laptop and all my editing programs seem good but cautious to upgrade the mac Pro until I know the OWC and GRaid eSata Raid
FCP7 and OSX Maverick Working
by Steve Walker 6 years ago
Only last week I thought I would risk installing 10.8 Mountain Lion so I could use Davinci Resolve 9. Previously alot of user comments about FCP7 not working had put me off the upgrading my 2009 Macbo
Adam Levine liked this 6 years ago
Re: FCP7 and OSX Maverick Working
by Derek Dockendorf 6 years ago
Thanks so much for this info. I did the install on my MBP last night and didn't have any issues so I thought why not this morning and installed it on my MacPro workstation. As soon as the install fini
Downsizing office. Selling half of our equipment. Rourke RAIDs, Scenarist BD seat, Mac Pros and more
by Derek Dockendorf 6 years ago
We have a good amount of equipment and seats we are looking to part with as we are downsizing our office next month. If any of it speaks to you please email me off list to discuss price. Obviously som
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