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Advice setting up file for (Shapeways) sandstone 3D print
by Denzil Egan 2 months ago
Hello! And thank you in advance for your help! I will try to keep this question simple because I believe that the answer should (hopefully) be a very simple one as well; I have a series of 3d models t
Re: Advice setting up file for (Shapeways) sandstone 3D print
by Brian Jones 2 months ago
a way to trim to a shape would be to use a boole. In C4D and Blender it's the same sort of process, add a cylinder with the obj import and do an Intersect boole. That should give you the part of the l
Spline extrusion in Element 3D?
by Denzil Egan 3 years ago
So, I believe this is probably out of the realm of possibility for Element 3D (and am therefore about ready to give up), but I figured I might as well post this for the sake of conversation and perhap
Render/SS settings advice request
by Denzil Egan 5 years ago
Hi C4D friends! I am in need of some fairly urgent advice regarding my render settings, and would be very much appreciative of any advice at all. Thank you in advance! The short description of my proj
Re: Render/SS settings advice request
by Brian Jones 5 years ago
rule number one - it doesn't matter how much power you have you can always cripple your computer with the right settings, particularly in the textures. You have AO system wide and it's not likely doin
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