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Lighting design tips for a boxing match
by JaJuan Lowry 10 years ago
Hello All! I have recently been hired as the LD for a military boxing match coming up in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if any of you great lighting guys have any tips suggestions. It is not a
Re: Lighting design tips for a boxing match
by Dennis Size 1 year ago
"Expensive" is relative to how much money you have. If you only have $100, something that costs $200 could be considered too expensive. To purchase the proper LED moving light package for a simple, me
Neon Lighting Setup
by Paolo Franciamore 2 years ago
Hi, I have recently joined after a colleague recommended me to this site given the recent issues I have had when trying to re-create a Neon light affect. Essentially I am working on a project soon wit
Re: Neon Lighting Setup
by Dennis Size 2 years ago
Put neon fixtures signs in the background so your viewer sees the apparent source of light, but actually light your actors with conventional instrumentation (tungsten, fluorescent, LED, etc) gelled wi
Chroma-key Lights
by Jack Steiner 2 years ago
Hey members, I am preparing myself to open a chroma-key studio (green-key + infiniti white) on a surface of 400 square meters. The purpose is pure for rental of the studios. I'd like to get an idea of
Re: Chroma-key Lights
by Dennis Size 2 years ago
Great comments Todd, as always. Regarding the photo of the Greenscreen set-up, I'm surprised you spent all that time examining the instrumentation. That light hang is an embarrassment, and bears NO re
Which hmi light?
by Mike Thomas 3 years ago
I'm going to buy at least one hmi, probably a par, to use on future feature film projects. I've not worked with them before and have it narrowed down to a 575 or 1200. I realize this is a general ques
Re: Which hmi light?
by Dennis Size 3 years ago
I have been abandoning HMI's -- except for when I need a lot of intensity -- and will then use an HMI in the 6kw, 12kw, or 18kw range. Normally -- as of late -- I'll use Cineo Trucolor LED fixtures or
Coloring bulbs
by Rick Wise 4 years ago
There's a pretty fascinating online post about DIY firelight, using multiple bulbs dipped into different Rosco Colorine colors. (http: 2012 07 shane-hurlbut-shows-mimic-fire-light-diy
Re: Coloring bulbs
by Dennis Size 4 years ago
This product is the newer version of the technology we were using 30 years ago to simulate the effect of fire on people's faces: http: catalog flickermaster index.php This is one of
Blend Warm and Cool White
by Pippo Pluto 4 years ago
Hi all, I'm working with a system where I can dimmer 2 type of lights: Warm White (2600 K) and a Cool White (8000 K). What I'm tring to do is to find a formula correlation to calculate the dimmer to a
Re: Blend Warm and Cool White
by Dennis Size 4 years ago
Can you not afford a color temperature meter
Lighting Wrestling Ring
by Chris Shore 4 years ago
Hi all. I'm about to setup a permanent studio space for professional wrestling and had a question about lighting. Our ring is 20x20 so we plan to build a 24x24 truss around it. Ceiling height is not a
Re: Lighting Wrestling Ring
by Dennis Size 4 years ago
If I were looking for way to do this 'on the cheap' I would probably budget a minimum of $10,000 for some sort of lighting grid. There are many 'improvisational' methods to rigging the grid you would
Which do you prefer....
by Harry Pallenberg 5 years ago
Seems like 90% of the infinite white shots I see have no face shadows - like on the left. Why The pic on the right probably has a bit too hard a nose shadow - but a bit softer might be ok Thanks, Harr
Re: Which do you prefer....
by Dennis Size 5 years ago
BINGO! Mark nailed it. The subtext and emotional reactions that viewers have to darkness and shadow, or brightness and highlight, is the reason we have jobs! DS
Green screen lighting conundrum 2015
by andy lewis 5 years ago
My turn for some green screen advice (hopefully). We'll be filming 4 or 5 kids (up to 12 years old) dancing in front of green screen. We'll be doing this many times over 3 months. The room is 43' by 1
Re: Green screen lighting conundrum 2015
by Dennis Size 5 years ago
ANDY ..... You can NOT use GAM FLOOR to create a curve .... but if you have a hard curve you can use it to cover the curve. Think of GAM FLOOR as "contact paper". Regarding my excessive ( )use of shop
Travel Light Kit?
by Mike Imken 8 years ago
I'm looking for some advice on a travel light kit. It will really be my primary lighting kit, but I need it to be portable as well plane friendly. It will be used primarily for documentary style inter
Dennis Size liked this 8 years ago
Re: Travel Light Kit?
by Kevin Sio 7 years ago
Here's a good perspective on buying a kit http: 2010 buying-lights-kit-vs-components Kevin Kevin Sio Videographer Editor Corporate Affairs National Grid
Funeral channel?
by Nick Griffin 10 years ago
After Elvis, Lady Di, and now Michael Jackson has anyone else seen the market for a "funeral channel " I initially thought that it could be a joke, albeit one in questionable taste. Lately it's starti
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Re: Funeral channel?
by Dennis Size 10 years ago
Well Nick..... it appears you have a mission -- and definitely an idea that will make you a multi-millionaire. Let's face it, there's definitely a market considering all the crap that's broadcast thes
Ultimate sample typical contract for newbies
by Mark Suszko 10 years ago
Template contract for typical beginners. Modify to your specific needs. I, (name here) henceforth to be referred to as "the dummy", will contract to work on your ill-defined project for an unspecified
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Re: Ultimate sample typical contract for newbies
by Dennis Size 10 years ago
MARK...... Thank you. This was one of the best threads I've read in COW in a very long time. this will keep me chuckling for days ...while my eyes continue to cry -- not only from laughter, but also f
Is this a good lighting kit?
by chance snider 11 years ago
http: dayflo-pro 5500 index.html I'm looking to do an indie film this summer and I saw this lighting kit. Wanted to know what you guys thought of it. I know there are cheaper
Re: Is this a good lighting kit?
by Peter Rummel 11 years ago
I'm not sure how useful that light would be. You say your project would be mostly night interiors. That thing would pump a LOT of light into a room, and it would look totally unnatural. Outdoors, it
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