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Dennis Chang

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February 12th 2012
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Codec workflow on PC Premiere Pro?
by Dennis Chang 9 months ago
I am wondering about the benefits of converting my DSLR h.264 footage to an intermediary codec such as Prores, DnxHd, or Cineform for the advantages of the 4:2:2 vs 4:2:0 colorspace when color-correct
Re: Codec workflow on PC Premiere Pro?
by EricBowen 9 months ago
This is older blog post but still gives an idea of why Cineform is a better option for grading and such. Also Pro res and DNxHD are DCT codecs which means block based compression. Cineform is Wavelet
Matte/Mask Question?
by Gregg T. Karr 4 years ago
Yet another final cut defector I use mattes often, and in FCP it worked great. I could create my matte (whatever size and shape) and place it on a video layer. I could then place my video graphic on t
Re: Matte/Mask Question?
by Curt Story 2 years ago
I realize this thread is a few years old, but I found it trying to solve a similar problem: I want to create create a matte for still photos I'm moving in the timeline. Now, if you use a "track matte"
Dennis Chang liked this 2 years ago
Audio Skips in Premiere but not Source
by Dennis Chang 3 years ago
I'm having a problem with a few of my video files. In the VLC media player they play fine and the audio is in sync. However, when I import them to Premiere, they sound like they are fast forwarding. T
Re: Audio Skips in Premiere but not Source
by Daniel Polukhin 2 years ago
I had the same problem with DSLR Footage. The problem was solved. 1. Remember the clip numbers that have this problem. 2. Go to Edit Preferences Media in your Premiere and click Clean Cache 3. Quit ou
Creating more dynamic wipes in Aftereffects
by Dennis Chang 3 years ago
I'm looking for a way to do this wipe I see in a lot of music videos. There's this one:(31 seconds) https: 45346331 which I think may just be a fast camera pan, but in case I don't have the
Re: Creating more dynamic wipes in Aftereffects
by Andrey Sibiryakov 3 years ago
Another way to do it - is to take any photo - apply out of focus or another blur, apply levels to make it more contrast, and then move it from the right to the left in 5-10 frames with motion blur app
Dennis Chang liked this 3 years ago
Drawing on Video with Wacom Bamboo
by Dennis Chang 3 years ago
Hello, I'm looking for a good workflow for drawing on videos sports-commentary style. The video will stop on a still each time this happens. I have a Wacom Bamboo and Camtasia so I'm thinking to just
Re: Drawing on Video with Wacom Bamboo
by Jean Poole 3 years ago
You can work directly on video within photoshop ( and or after effects ) : eg http: designcenter-archive cs4 articles lrvid4107_xp.html or https: 14573273 http: pr

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