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Re-wrapped XAVC .mov support coming soon?
by Nate Weaver 6 years ago
Directed to the BM team, Any chance XAVC wrapped in .mov containers support will be coming soon Did some playing with FCPX last night, but noticed those .movs aren't recognized. I realize a workaround
Re: Re-wrapped XAVC .mov support coming soon?
by David Young 6 years ago
FCPX update 10.0.8 now supports XAVC with the Sony Plug-In http: community.sony.com t5 F5-F55 XAVC-APPLE-FCPX-plugin td-p 107431 Cheers, David -------------------------------- Product Specialist - Son
XAVC Codec
by Steve Connor 6 years ago
We're just about to take delivery of our F55 and were hoping there would be a new release of FCPX with support for the XAVC codec, I was wondering If there's a timeframe for adding 4K XAVC support to
Re: XAVC Codec
by David Young 6 years ago
Haha ... here's the article! http: www.sony.co.uk pro article broadcast-rovi-1302 Cheers, David
XDCAM Transfer tool, on a mac book pro probs
by Paul Crowe 9 years ago
Okay, so I think I discovered what the problem is I had getting clips off the SXS card I posted a couple of days ago. I was using a third party card (not sony) and the supplier told me they are having
Re: XDCAM Transfer tool, on a mac book pro probs
by David Young 9 years ago
Hi Paul, You can use Sony's Clip Browser software that will manage the transfer of the clips to your laptop's hard drive. Also it will manage all the BPAV folder structure and associated metadata so y
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