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Re: Question: Different methods for rendering vertical video for 90-degree mounted hdtv's
by David Shirey 4 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I just noticed at the very bottom of the Render screen I forgot to scroll down far enough to select "Use Project Output Rotation Setting." Just a simple case of never needing and
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Re: DVD Arch. menu text highlighting
by Dave James 8 years ago
Thanks. I've attached a screen shot of the highlight menu. You can see what I'm trying to do. I've been able to reduce the problem from the default settings of blended colors by adjusting the specific
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Re: The ideal system to edit on Premiere CS5?
by Vince Becquiot 9 years ago
An i7 920 would not need more than 6 gigs for editing HD with Win 7. As you add cores, you do have to match it up with RAM, so any Dual Quads will require twice as much. And of course, After Effects w
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