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SSD Advice
by David Mathis 3 years ago
I am looking to adding external storage for the old cheese grater Mac Pro 5,1 and was wondering if SSD would be a better option. Would eSATA be a better connection or should I opt for something else A
Re: SSD Advice
by David Lazaro Saz 3 years ago
David Mathis Is an additional card required to set up a RAID for internal drives No. The macOS Sierra version of Disk Utility includes RAID Assistant as an option in the file menu. If you are going t
Lightroom CC or 6
by Oliver Peters 5 years ago
I realize this is OT for an FCP X crowd, but since I discussed photo apps in a recent thread, I figured I'd post this here. Adobe released Lightroom CC today. If you purchase the standalone perpetual
Re: Lightroom CC or 6
by David Lazaro Saz 5 years ago
The ATI Radeon 5870 supports OpenGL 4.1 on Yosemite. It should be valid for Lightroom 6 or CC.
10.08 released
by Steve Connor 7 years ago
Downloading now! Steve Connor There's nothing we can't argue about on the FCPX COW Forum
Re: 10.08 released
by David Lazaro Saz 7 years ago
Michael Sanders "0.8 is the last version before 1.1 which will be previewed at NAB but will be a paid for upgrade." Did you read that somewhere or are you speculating Just curious because I can't fin
Wait for new Macbook Pro?
by Bobby Cullipher 8 years ago
I know much of the speculation of the new Macbook Pro is that it will be lighter, faster, brighter... but how will this impact the performance of FCPX This is my first laptop purchase... and I'm not a
Re: Wait for new Macbook Pro?
by David Lazaro Saz 8 years ago
The problem I see with the Dell XPS that you have bought is that its graphics card are not supported by the Mercury Playback Engine. From what Adobe has published regarding CS5.5 and CS6 supported lap
by tony west 8 years ago
Every time I shoot a press conference these days there is a newspaper set up next to me shooting video. Papers have figured out that many people are too lazy or just don't want to READ the news anymor
Re: News
by David Lazaro Saz 8 years ago
tony west "They are super Mac heads so they have used Imovie." If they only run on Macs, then they can't use the latest version of AVID NewsCutter. According to the software requirements, it needs Wi
Goodbye macpro towers...
by Greg Burke 8 years ago
I'm at a apple store and noticed that there was no display on the floor for the Macpro tower. When I asked the apple worker, she informed me that the macpros are no longer on display at any of the app
Re: Goodbye macpro towers...
by David Lazaro Saz 8 years ago
Dennis Radeke "I wish I could say. It's been really easy to deal with HP. Dell is a terrific partner too, but I've not been able to test their boxes." Interesting. My experience as a customer is exac
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