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April 10th 2013
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TV debate lighting
by David Klaus 4 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and my first question will be about TV set lighting. I'll hope that's ok. I've been asked by a local TV station to light several political debate that will take p
Re: TV debate lighting
by Rick Wise 4 years ago
A lot depends on the level of ambient light. Missing from your diagrams is the camera(s). I presume there's one on the 2 journalists, and one left and another right for the candidates. I would think g
Resolve crashes when loading a project
by David Klaus 7 years ago
Hello I am experiencing a very big problem with Resolve Lite. Today i created a project using an AAF file from AVID. I graded a few shots then closed DaVinci. An hour later i reopened DaVinci and trie
Re: Resolve crashes when loading a project
by Jonathan Grimault 7 years ago
Same problem, please help !
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