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I'm a freelance video editor who isn't like most editors. I got started by watching AMVs on YouTube and was so fascinated by it, I messaged every AMV editor on how did this and that and never looked back.

For more than 10 years I pioneered a techn... [more]
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September 10th 2013
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So is that it - have Adobe won?
by Steve Connor 5 years ago
Very quiet over here, has everyone given up protesting Has anyone actually changed their position on the subscription model, either way No sig on my posts as it's apparently very old fashioned
Re: So is that it - have Adobe won?
by David Joseph 5 years ago
I've been a Adobe user since 2008 and I gotta say Adobe needs to rethink how they do business. Entertainment companies rarely use CC since mostly they use CS6 as I do so as well. I hear CC got better
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