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David Joseph

I'm a freelance video editor who isn't like most editors. I got started by watching AMVs on YouTube and was so fascinated by it, I messaged every AMV editor on how did this and that and never looked back.

For more than 10 years I pioneered a techn... [more]
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September 10th 2013
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Technical Information:
System Details:
Current: \'12 MBP 15/2.7GHz i7, 1GB Nvidia VRAM, 16GB RAM, 1TB Samsung 860 Pro SSD, 10.8.5 OSX MT Lion.

Dream List: June 2012 Macbook Pro 15 MD546LL/A or when it comes out: Oct 2014 Macbook Pro 15 (hoping that they\'ll keep the Nvidia card, but making it more powerful and expandable)
Home Studio Musical Gear:
2012 Macbook Pro 15: Logic Pro, Reason, VirtualDJ/Traktor, and many others.

Windows 7 Pro Multimedia/Gaming PC: 2.7GHz 12-core Intel Xeon CPU, 128GB DDR4 RAM, 3x Samsung 850 Pro SSD: 256GB, 2TB, and 128GB, 2x Nvidia M60000 Quadro in SLi, Thermatake 1500W PSU, Gigabyte Sniper Mobo, etc.

JBL Professional & Focal Monitors
Personal Information:
Video Editing, Editing AMVs/Promos/Trailers, Learning new software, traveling (if I can afford it)
Area of Expertise:
5 years of Avid ProTools (newbie), Editing since June 2005, 2 years of Windows Movie Maker, 1 year of Sony Vegas Pro 10, 5 years of Final Cut Pro 6/7, 5 years of Media Composer/Symphony, 2 years of After Effects
Favorite Books:
Harry Potter Books/Ella Ceron
Favorite Bands / Musicians:
Genesis, 98°, Sharon Estee, Dream, O-Town, A-Teens, Avril Lavigne, Sum41, State Champs,
Favorite Movies:
SkyFall, Titanic, Oliver & Company, Lilo & Stitch, Rush (2013), Spectre, GoldenEye,
Favorite TV Shows:
The Big Bang Theory, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jay\'s Garage, Static Shock, Kim Possible
Favorite Forums:
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