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$1000 Copy of Nuke
by David Bowman 7 years ago
Hello Everyone. Trying to get rid of my copy of Nuke v6.3 and I will let it go for 1 4 of what i paid for it ($1000). email me at "david AT gmail.com dot com" if you want details. David VFX Supervisor
Re: $1000 Copy of Nuke
by Saied Marham 7 years ago
Hi David, What type of usuage licence did you have (eg working on more than one machine), and do you know how transfer of ownership and upgrades work with the Foundry Many thanks.
marketing my vfx company
by David Bowman 8 years ago
Hello, My business partner and I launched our company about a year ago and have primarily worked on fx and graphics for independent film. Now we would like to move more toward the commercial industry.
Re: marketing my vfx company
by Patrick Ortman 8 years ago
Good stuff in this thread- I'd like to expand it: assuming you have these audiences- 1) Ad agencies 2) Prodcos 3) Directors Producers How would one target the decision makers Obviously, you have to ha
script to modify a solid's dimensions
by David Bowman 9 years ago
Hi, I need a way to modify a layer solid's width and height with a script (similar to included example). I have looked far and wide, and I can't seem to find a way of accessing these properties. Basic
Re: script to modify a solid's dimensions
by Dan Ebberts 9 years ago
I think you'd have to create a new solid, replace the original solid's source with the new solid's source, then delete the new solid. At the end of the script, you could have it run the Remove Unused
Wireless mouse wheel not working in AE.
by Nathan Weatherford 10 years ago
I just started using a wireless mouse and it works great, for all but one exception: When I use the mouse wheel to Zoom In and Zoom Out in an After Effects CS4 composition, it refuses to zoom in. It w
Re: Wireless mouse wheel not working in AE.
by David Bowman 10 years ago
I think I found a solution to this problem. It seems that the microsoft wireless mice have a problem with cs4 (I have a microsoft mouse and experienced the same problem). When I installed my logitech
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