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Movi M5 For Sale if Interested
by Davey Robinson 5 months ago
Hey guys. Cinematographer here. Selling my Movi M5 and wanted to post on here to see if anyone is interested. Here's the link on ebay: https: www.ebay.com itm 223420770784
Footage Stabilizer - TIME SENSITIVE
by Davey Robinson 2 years ago
Hello, I'm in desperate need of a footage stabilizer. I have about three shots that need advanced stabilization by October 9th. My team has tried the ins-and-outs of warp stabilizer and has dabbled wi
Re: Footage Stabilizer - TIME SENSITIVE
by swapnil kulkarni 2 years ago
Hey, I think I can help you out. Can I see the footage to understand the complexity of the shots Thanks, Swapnil
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