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Bake Voronoi Fracture - for render on RebusFarm
by Chris Brady 2 years ago
Hi all, So I have a Cube Object that disintegrates as a Plain Effector passes over it. The Object is a child of Voronoi Fracture. This all works fine as a setup. However RebusFarm does not like Vorono
Re: Bake Voronoi Fracture - for render on RebusFarm
by Dave Larson 2 years ago
Thanks for the hot tip on this, I have one problem though, C4D R18 will not allow me to delete the Alembic tags. -Dave Larson 3D and 2D Motion Graphics Design & Visual Effects
3D Camera facing expressions
by Mehmet Akten 12 years ago
Hi All, I initially posted this in the standard AE forums without realizing there was a seperate container for expressions, so I'm closing that and carrying on here. The original thread is at http: fo
Re: 3D Camera facing expressions
by Dave Larson 3 years ago
Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting this script to work. I have a lazy susan set-up with products around the outside. A central null creates the rotation, and the product layers are parented to the n
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