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ATEM Switchers 3.5 released!
by Darren Lew 7 years ago
Hi everyone, ATEM Software Update 3.5 is now available for download. The update includes a developer SDK so you can develop your own custom control panel solutions for ATEM Production Switchers. This
Re: ATEM Switchers 3.5 released!
by Jim Cunningham 7 years ago
Did they bring back the ability to plug computer HDMI back I believe it was in 3.4 that we got audio mixer but lost computer HDMI in. Thanks, Jim
ATEM v3.4
by Darren Lew 7 years ago
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the ATEM 3.4 update is now available. With MIDI audio control surface compatibility, via Mackie control protocol, that works hand in hand with our audio sof
Re: ATEM v3.4
by Justin Strauber 7 years ago
According to the readme: "Finally, some users were fortuitously able to connect devices that worked at the unsupported 60Hz format. We have now allowed these original signals to pass again." I'm guess
ATEM: No increment on recorded files
by Tracy Peterson 7 years ago
I lost two days of footage during a live stream because the recording software in the ATEM suite does NOT increment the file name. Be CAREFUL. Sadly, because this isn't a very well thought out feature
Re: ATEM: No increment on recorded files
by Darren Lew 7 years ago
So for the users that are still having problems with this, the simple way is to delete the GUI's preferences, so the user can start from clean. This isn't too painful since there are hardly any settin
ATEM 3.3 - SuperSource and enhanced SDK.
by Darren Lew 7 years ago
Hi, We have a new software update that includes SuperSource for ATEM 2 M E Production Switchers as well as an enhanced SDK for software developers. This new SDK supports downloading images to the medi
ATEM Production Switchers
by Darren Lew 8 years ago
Hi, We have just posted a new software update for all ATEM switchers with some powerful new features. Because it's such a bit update we have decided to post it as a public beta for the next week or so
Re: ATEM Production Switchers
by Charles Caillouet 8 years ago
Darren, I just got a 1 M E panel in and loaded the 3.0 Beta 1 Mac software and firmware update. Thanks to BMD for building this unit. It provides a lot of performance in a small package. Everything se
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