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Giving away free, high quality lens flare effects
by Noel Powell 3 years ago
I just want to let people know about a lens flare tool for After Effects that I spent six months creating, and now I'm giving away for free. It's called 'Creation Lens Flares' - You can see the demo a
Re: Giving away free, high quality lens flare effects
by Dasz Szabó 2 years ago
Downloaded and checking out. I don't yet understand the controls but appreciate having the tool...I have OF and it's very good, but the visuals are great in this package. This has a place in the mix f
New Tutorials
by Henry Covaci 3 years ago
Hey guys. Whenever I was watching Adobe Premiere tutorials online I always hated having to watch through an intro and a bunch of BS before the video got to the part that I was interested in. So I made
Re: New Tutorials
by Dasz Szabó 3 years ago
Are you kidding A great big hallelujah from over here. More YouTube tutorial makers should follow the same philosophy. Don't bore us, get to the chorus ; )
hiding jump cuts in AE...morphing maybe?
by Denez McAdoo 7 years ago
I often am trying to hide quick jump cuts in interview footage, useing a few tricks, the most successful being either to speed up footage at the gap, or just straight cutting. I've been trying a few n
Re: hiding jump cuts in AE...morphing maybe?
by Zach Fine 6 years ago
The fact that there's even debate over whether this technique should be used, and where one draws the line between pure editing and vfx, oh this brings me back A similar question popped up one of my f
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Premiere Won't Bring in Audio Along with Video Clips?
by Brent Taylor 6 years ago
So I'm having this weird glitch in Premiere the last few days. The first video clip I drag into a timeline works fine. But after that, any clip I drag from the Project window onto the timeline will ON
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Re: Premiere Won't Bring in Audio Along with Video Clips?
by Dasz Szabó 4 years ago
SOLVED Thanks to another thread on Creative Cow! Okay, in CC2014 you have to select your clip on the timeline, press F. Earlier versions it's T. The source window will populate with the selected clip
Graphic assistance
by Brenden Younan 5 years ago
Hello, I have a project where I need to mock this graphic (see video 11 seconds), however I am struggling. My biggest issue is creating curves within after effects as I don't have Illustrator. So what
Re: Graphic assistance
by Dasz Szabó 5 years ago
Hi Brendan, you can definitely create curved lines and areas in AE, and animate them to boot, by using shape layers and related tools. If I'm understanding what you're after...good luck D
Bezier Handles in graph editor
by Tony Hudson 11 years ago
I am fairly new to AE, having used mostly Shake in the past. I have an issue where my Bezier handles appear inconsistently. I set the keys to Continuous Bezeir and sometimes the key will have a handle
Re: Bezier Handles in graph editor
by Dasz Szabó 5 years ago
This information and all contributions, still helpful (2015). Thanks!
sidechain compression?
by Terence Kearns 8 years ago
I would like to be able to use sidechain compression in my videos where I have narration with BG music. Does anyone know if this can be achieved in Vegas I couldn't figure out how to feed in a key sig
Re: sidechain compression?
by Dasz Szabó 7 years ago
Sounds like you work for Sony....
Midi Sequencer with Vegas
by Ben Shirley 8 years ago
I've always been one of the users that would like to see midi sequencing in Vegas. I deiced to put some effort into some solution using third party software. I had some success with using the midi tim
Re: Midi Sequencer with Vegas
by Dasz Szabó 8 years ago
I just discovered Reaper, a DAW that supports MIDI and audio in the same project, even on the same track. You can export your vegas projects as EDL and open that in Reaper, intact. You go from struggl
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