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Darren Edwards

2003 - 2006: Media Technology BSc(Hons). First class.
2005 - 2006: Head of Production, BBCi-SparkTV.
2005 - SparkTV: RTS 'Innovative Idea of the Year'
2006 - 2009: Managing Director, X-GF Media HD.
2008 - 2009: Executive Producer, hullfc.tv
2009 - 2015: Freelance Producer/Cam/Editor.
Member Since:
July 2nd 2009
62 Posts
Technical Information:
System Details:
Home Theater:
32" 1080p TV/PS3.
Personal Information:
XC mountain bike (Marin, Scott), music collabs (UK, Italia), super league rugby, pinot noir.
Favorite Books:
Nabokov - 'Ada or Adore', Nietzsche - 'Human..', Bely - 'Petersberg', Wheeler - 'HD and 24p Photography', Brown - 'Cinematography: Theory and Practice'.
Favorite Bands / Musicians:
The Kidneythieves, Duran Duran, Southern Sons, Radiator, Jellyfish/TV Eyes, Mansun, T-Ride, Nuclear Valdez, Vain, Depeche Mode, UNKLE, X-CNN, DJ Rap, Zero 7, Pitchshifter, NIN, Japan, Crystal Method, Discharge, Junkie XL, Aimee Echo, Zoot Woman, Prodigy, Interpol, Adam and the Ants.
Favorite Movies:
Breakfast Club, Clerks, Seksmisja, Weekend At Bernies, Ring, Matrix, Singles, Minority Report, Aeon Flux, Panic Room, Carry On, Oliver Reed, Fincher/Miranda.
Favorite TV Shows:
Battlestar Galactica, Look Around You, Endemol, Seinfeld, Batman (60s), Invader Zim, The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin, Nigel Buckland/Vids.
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