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Film Noir Grade tips
by Darren Coombes 5 years ago
Does anyone have any tips in making a film noir look with Resolve Looking for something more than just desat and curves. Thanks.
Re: Film Noir Grade tips
by Malcolm Matusky 5 years ago
http: filmmakeriq.com 2010 08 ultimate-filmmakers-guide-to-film-noir To achieve this "look" you have to shoot it that way to start with, not just lay a digital "look" over your footage. M Malcolm www.
xml output
by Darren Coombes 5 years ago
I am rendering a resolve 10 project back to "final cut pro XML round trip" and it keeps outputting a .fcpxml file, not a .xml file which I can't seem to read back into final cut pro 7. Any ideas why
Re: xml output
by Sarah Jones 5 years ago
When you choose one of the "Final Cut Pro" Easy Setups in the current Resolve 10, the resulting XML will be a .fcpxml used in FCP X. You can achieve a .xml file by choosing "None" in your Easy Setups
rotobrush spline export to maya nurbs curves
by Darren Coombes 6 years ago
Hi, does anyone know how to export the shape generated from roto brush to maya nurbs curves
feature request: PAUSE rendering button
by Martin Halm 7 years ago
is there really no way, to pause rendering in resolve of course you can just stop rendering and restart from wherever you stopped by setting a new MARK IN in the timeline. on very fast machines this m
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Re: feature request: PAUSE rendering button
by Sascha Haber 7 years ago
Gets my vote. I would also see a more Scratch or Smoke like render data management. Instead of telling me every time that I am rendering to the same folder, which is cute , by the way, I would like th
Update with new xml with slight edit changes
by Darren Coombes 6 years ago
Hi, I have an edit i did that was graded and rendered in resolve lite. Worked fine, but we now had to change the music track and do a slight re-edit, keeping the same clips as last time but now the in
Re: Update with new xml with slight edit changes
by Darren Coombes 6 years ago
Thanks for the reply Eric, no i didn't make note of the changes, as every clip in the sequence was readjusted to fit new music. The edit uses all the same clips, will just have different in out points
H.264 maximum bitrate
by Darren Coombes 8 years ago
Hi, I have been given settings to encode a video for adstream delivery here in Aus, that requires the bitrate to be 15,000 kbps or higher for a h.264 output. I use the following settings, but cannot g
Re: H.264 maximum bitrate
by Craig Seeman 8 years ago
I just delivered to Comcast with H.264 15,000kbits High Profile from Episode Pro. Compressor 4 can do H.264 .mp4 up to 30,000kbits although Main Profile, not High. There's no High Profile option in Co
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