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Merging several sequences into one
by Dante Majorana 1 month ago
Hi I am editing a feature film and for each sequence I created a project in Premiere CC2018. As 01prproj and so on till the last 70 prproj. Now I want to add them all into one new project and have one
Re: Merging several sequences into one
by Dante Majorana 2 weeks ago
Convert Mono ".mov" files to Stereo Files
by Dante Majorana 2 weeks ago
I'm using Premiere CC2018 to edit a film. For each take, we have 2 different clips: the original from the camera with a stereo audio and a high quality audio file recorded with a quality audio device
Premiere 2018 importing ALIAS
by Dante Majorana 2 months ago
Hello I open old XML files from FinalCutpro 7 in Premiere. As the Media is in various different Drives, I crated 2 folders for Video (MOV, and Stills) and AUDIO with (WAV and other sound files). Premi
Re: Premiere 2018 importing ALIAS
by Dave LaRonde 2 months ago
It's unclear whether you put aliases or actual media into these new folders. I'd put actual media into them, and if I needed more storage, I'd get it. Storage is cheap. Farting around trying to use al
Convert PanasonicP2 HD MXF files to Prores
by Dante Majorana 1 year ago
Hi all I have a few movie-clips shoot with a Panasonic p2 HD. The recording goes to a video card within the camera to be transfered later to a drive for editing. Each movie-clips after transfer from t
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