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Uninstalling QuickTime/Windows
by Danny Finch 3 years ago
So I heard about Apple not committing to updating QT security settings for Windows. It's just a matter of time before the IT police at my company uninstalls it without letting me know first. What are
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Re: Uninstalling QuickTime/Windows
by Chris Borjis 3 years ago
Oliver Peters " Both Avid and Adobe are working on what they have to do to replace the core components they need in order to function." Excellent. the 32 bit QT daemon that runs on my mac has been a
Deciding whether to swith to PremierePro CS6
by Danny Finch 7 years ago
I produce about a half-dozen projects a year (everything in-house) at my company. I'm using a 5-year old MacBook Pro and FCP Studio 5. The system is still rock solid, but I'm headed toward more HD pro
Re: Deciding whether to swith to PremierePro CS6
by Danny Finch 7 years ago
All great advice and answers to lots of questions. I work for a national firm and other offices (who do way less complex projects than I do) have been given PC's Adobe Production Premium CS5. I'm the
Audio drops out of some video tracks in DVD Studio Pro project.
by Danny Finch 12 years ago
I'm using DVD Studio for the third time to author a DVD which combines a few video tracks and some slide shows. Of the five different video tracks in my project, three of them are either dropping the
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