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Re: Issues adding captions to timeline with .srt files
by paul fenn 2 years ago
Hi, I felt I had to subscribe and write my first post on this site as I was tearing my hair out with this same problem, and I don't have that much hair left to tear out! I had exported an .srt file, c
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Re: HUGE new AE tool to boost your workflow
by Michael Szalapski 4 years ago
Agreed. I used Saber the day it came out for a client project. It saved me a huge amount of time. This one is a whole different league though. It doesn't make anything at all, it just saves massive am
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Re: Harry Potter Spells Particular
by Brandon Thresher 4 years ago
Saber was my back up plan already edited in:)
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Re: Adobe update bug
by Ryan Holmes 5 years ago
Andrew Kimery "Just more reasons why I don't get in early on any new software build regardless of which company it comes from." This is more the takeaway than anything else. Every major software deve
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Re: Survey on Motion Graphics Freelancer Hourly Rate
by Igor Martins 5 years ago
Yes, as you complete the survey, you'll be able to see the results. But all personal information, such as Portfolio and E-mail will be kept confidential, we won't show it to the public. www.up-im.com
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Re: FCP 6-7 meets El Capitan
by Mark Suszko 5 years ago
These 7-vs.-new-OS threads are the strangest things; on the one hand, you have die-hards devoted to an obsolete application, yet at the same time, feeling compelled to slavishly update the OS every ti
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Re: Beware of El Capitan!!!
by Andrew Kimery 5 years ago
You remember the good ol' days when people just knew not to run out and upgrade their OS the second a new one was released
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Re: Simple Rotating Question
by Clay Stanton 5 years ago
Hi Daniel!!! That worked great!! Thank you so much :D I love Creative Cow!!
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Re: Center objects relative to the canvas
by Rob Duncan 8 years ago
In the interest of continuing to beat a dead horse (or thread), since I was looking today, the keyboard shortcut for centering an object within the view is: COMMAND-HOME -------------- Freaky People P
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Re: How to make a stills slide show on steroids?
by John Cuevas 6 years ago
Nothing in that slideshow is difficult, but depending on the length of your video, it could take a week to do, as there were quite a lot of different transitions effects mixed together. You might want
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Re: Adobe Premiere Pro 11 or 12?
by Shane Ross 6 years ago
The current version of the software is called the Adobe Creative Cloud 2014...and the specific version of Premiere Pro is 8.1. It's pretty dang good... Shane Little Frog Post Read my blog, Little Frog
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